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What’s on in Douala?

Located 🗺️ in the heart of the Littoral region, Douala is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city offering a multitude of opportunities to explore.

The city of Douala is bordered to the east by the Dibamba River, which forms its contours.

It is bounded to the south by the major road linking it to the city of Yaoundé.

It extends westwards to the districts of New-Bell and Bépanda. Its northern part opens onto the Akwa area.

What’s on in Douala?

How about a little originality and informality when talking about the people of Douala?

You know, this city is downright the most populous 👥 in all of Central Africa!

We’re talking about over 3 million people squatting here, and believe me, that’s a lot of people on the streets! 🤹‍♀️ People from all walks of life, true cosmopolitans.

This port city, the economic heart 💼 of Cameroon, is full of fascinating sites 🏙️ and stimulating activities for visitors curious to discover its rich heritage and urban effervescence.

Places to stroll in Douala

Doual’art – Discover contemporary African art

The Doual’art art center is a must for lovers of contemporary African art. Located in the heart of the city, it offers year-round exhibitions showcasing the work of Cameroonian and African artists.

It’s the perfect place to discover the richness and diversity of the local art scene.

Lieu d'art de la ville de Douala où vous pouvez retrouver tableau, peinture et etc.
Doual’art at Douala

Maritime museum – Dive into Douala’s port history

The Douala Maritime Museum traces the fascinating history of the city’s port, one of the largest in Central Africa.

Through collections of objects, documents and models, visitors can immerse themselves in the development of the river and sea traffic that shaped Douala.

French Cultural Centre- Discover French culture in Douala

The French Institute in Douala is a meeting place for cultural exchanges between France and Cameroon.

In addition to its French courses, it regularly organises events such as film screenings, conferences and shows, enabling visitors to discover the wealth of French culture.

Bonassama, Youpwe and the Dibamba landing stages – Port atmosphere

The landing stages at Bonassama, Youpwe and even Dibamba offer an authentic experience of Douala port life.

Here you can observe the intense activity of the river traffic, meet the local traders and fishermen, and soak up the lively atmosphere of these places of passage.

image de poissons pechés à la Dibamba Douala
Dibamba’s fishes

Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul – Impressive colonial architecture

The Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, with its neo-Gothic architecture, is a vestige of the German colonial era.

This religious building is a fine example of Douala’s colonial heritage and is well worth a visit to admire its beauty and majestic interior.

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Local embers in Douala: An explosion of authentic flavours!

Let yourself be seduced by the culinary delights of Douala, where authentic flavours await you around every corner!

Forget the art galleries and museums, because it’s in the bustle of the backstreets that you’ll discover the real gastronomic gems 🍲.

Imagine wandering along the Rue de la Joie in Deido or strolling by the Douala Bar in Akwa, where the intoxicating aroma of braised fish 🐟 envelops you.

There, the choice is king: carp, sea bass, sole or mackerel, each fish tells a story, that of our land 🌍.

Braise de viande de boeuf.
Good Soya from Douala

Continue your taste journey as far as Bonaberi, where the « ministry of soy » opens its doors to you 🚪.

At Salif, Ibrahim or Yousouf, beef 🥩 comes to life under the embers, enhanced with chilli 🌶️, Kankan and onions.

Feel free to add a touch of flavouring for an even tastier experience 😋.

And that’s not all: mutton, goat, chicken… a festival of savoury meats that makes you salivate just at the mention 🤤.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of our markets – Central, Mboppi, Nkoulouloun, Ndokoti – and let your curiosity guide you 🕵️‍♂️.

At every stall, there’s a treasure to be discovered, a delight to be seized 💎.

En conclusion

Douala is an effusion of life that invites you to explore, equipped with your appetite and your enthusiasm.

You’ll find much more than just meals: moments of sharing, lasting memories and, of course, cuisine that makes the heart sing 🎶.

So don’t wait any longer, come and experience Douala to the full! 😄🍽️

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