avril 1, 2024

Did you know that lohce rewards your loyalty?

Dear passenger, you’re wondering what you gain by being loyal to www.lohce.com for your bus ticket reservations ?

We want you to know that your satisfaction is our top priority. According to your level of utilisation of the plateforme, you would benefit from discounts and will continue to do so.

We simply ask you to pay attention to the messages that will appear on your screen at your next bus ticket reservation online.

Please follow these steps when you make your reservations from now on, inorder to activate any discount linked to your level of utilisation of the plateforme.

Once you have entered your personal details, you will be directed to a page which summarizes your order.

When you have obtained a discount, you will see a reminder  followed by a red button labelled « Apply ».

Snapshot of the payment page

If you are using a smartphone, you’ll see the same message as seen in the following image:

Snapshot of the payment page

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Once you have clicked on this button, you’ll see the discount applied to your bill. At this point you can click on the « Pay Now » button in green.


Snapshot of the payment page

On your mobile screen, the interface would look like this:

Snapshot of the payment page

After this step, you can continue as usual, that is, choosing your payment method, receiving confirmation messages and your LOHCE code by SMS, such that you can get to the agency with it and travel in complete safety.

So don’t miss out on any more discounts – after every order, a surprise is just at the corner.

Enjoy it dear customer for you deserve it!

Don’t forget to share your experience on www.lohce.com with your friends and family.

Safe journey!



We Care about You!

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