juillet 22, 2020

To Work Together is Evolve

Unity is strength

LOHCE, a company specializing in online ticket reservations, is a well-organized and hierarchical structure, headed by a founder and his collaborators so I am part of it. However, there is something exceptional, surprising about the digital enterprise « LOHCE » which makes it original; The result of this original aspect is that we already have morethan 5000 users on our various platforms thanks to our patience and the various combined efforts. In short, Unity is strength.

LOHCE’s originality and uniqueness can be summed up in its personnel management system. Far from being considered as employees, we are “Collaborators” because we all have the same vision: To revolutionize customer service in Cameroon.

We quickly understood that to be part of the logic of success, we need above all exchange and bilateral communication; It is therefore in this spirit that the company « LOHCE » is aligned. More than a company, it is a group of young people who have a vision that is expressed freely, who collaborate easily because the hierarchy is just with us, a matter of formality.

Basically, the company aims to create stronger bonds that will go even beyond our understanding; because LOHCE seeks above all the well-being and comfort of its employees and wants to create a friendly atmosphere; And here I think it is a form of governance that really helps the growth, the effective production of the various employees.

Through this article, we subscribe to the logic that, in order to move forward better, we must hold each other’s hands. To evolve better, we need communication and not moral oppression. To grow better, we must accept the other and not denigrate him because no one is perfect; and in principle no human work is perfect. But one thing is certain! Union and love for one another creates what is called evolution and deserved collective joy.

To work is to love, to love is to understand the other and to understand the other is to grow. This is why our motto is and will remain, LOHCE WE Care About You

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