juin 27, 2020


Crowding has become more and more difficult these days. The pandemic that is raging at the moment means that moving has become a real psychological disorder in some people concerned about their health.
Travel agencies when it comes to a real fight for passengers to travel in a secure environment. These agencies have put in place 04 essential measures for passengers before boarding.

  • Wearing a mandatory mask

The staff of travel agencies (from the charger to the cashiers, via the cleaning agents) all wear a protective mask. Those who put the mask under their chins are reprimanded by their agency manager.
On both sides, we can see some passengers in camouflage mode (muffler). Social distancing is respected on the waiting benches although the passengers are seated by clan.

  • Bus disinfection before boarding

The buses are disinfected by an agent carrying a pump on the back. The latter sprinkles each compartment of the bus with its hydrographic solution. Once the decontamination of the bus is complete, passengers are called upon to embark.

  • Hand disinfection devices

Near the taps, a piece of soap and bleach in the showers were made available to passengers. The application of hydro alcoholic gel on the hands is compulsory before access to the bus and a check of the wearing of the mask is carried out.

  • Online payment

Travel agencies are now encouraging their customers to use their online platform. Long-distance travel tickets are directly paid for via platforms such as www.lohce.com. this type of payment is increasingly felt with the resumption of activities.

More stress for passengers because they can pay for their ticket online in less time and without being in contact with people.

All these measures taken (wearing a mandatory mask, disinfecting the bus, hand disinfection devices and online payment) by our various travel agencies shows us the interest they take in their customers and also their seriousness of their work.

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