juillet 25, 2020

Practical tips to prepare a good family trips for vacation

The school holiday time (End of July — End of August) is the moment when most of children will change their surroundings and probably call themselves “holydaymaker” for a month.

They will discover “sleepovers” and maybe meet new friends and new games. And for some of them, it will be the first time away from their parents for at least a week.

As a child, it was during vacation period that I have discovered coconut palms and the sandy and permeable land of Douala. Being used to the red, dusty or muddy one from Yaoundé, I was surprised that my feet were “clean” in the evening after a long football game in the street with friends I have met during the day.

It is therefore an exceptional experience for these little ones, especially if they are young (between 04 and 10 years old).

Undoubtedly, Holidays are a very rewarding experience for a child. Wether he is going to the village where hurricane lamps are still used and electricity scarcely widespread or going to a city where everyone speaks French, or to discover fishing canoes and the sunset on the horizon of the sea for the very first time.

As a parent, you will probably want everything to be okay with your children during the holidays. For that, a good preparation is necessary to ensure that this period is an unforgettable experience for your children.

Here are some practical tips to take into account when preparing for family trip for vacation.

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Get your children ready long time before

The travel experience can be traumatic for many children.

May be because your child is claustrophobic and does not feel comfortable in a large crowd at the agency.

In some other cases, it is the vastness of the “Bus” that may cause panic, especially if it is the first time he is using that type of vehicle.

It is Important not to overlook the fact that he is going to travel with a lot of unknown faces and it can be very impressive for him.

Taking time, a few days before, to explain to them how the trip will unfold, and what the trip is will help them to relax and prepare for this situation when the time comes.

You could thus avoid hysterical attacks or their incomprehensible crying in the queues and halls of the travel agency.

Prepare their stays

If your children are very young, don’t forget to make a must-have list for a hassle-free stay.

The home clothes they will wear every day during the holidays.

Sweaters and warm clothing if they go to areas with temperatures colder than what they are used to.

Some clothes for outings and Sundays.

House slippers, so they can wear them at home without the need to buy new ones each time.

Toothbrushes and potentially pajamas for those who cannot sleep without having one on them.

Prepare memories

Lots of things will certainly amaze or surprise your children during this stay. Be on the lookout with your phone to capture those moments.

This will make great memories to share at the new back to school with friends or family.

Be ready for the travel day

Feed children and carry away bottle of water with you in order to dehydrate them.

Prepare hydro-alcoholic gels and masks to respect the sanitary instructions before and during the trip.

Always think about a medicine to lower the fever that can occur because of a severe change of environment. Do not make any suppositions about the availability of these medication to your destination.

Do not forget to have lemon against transport ailments.

Bring a roll of toilet paper or tissues (kleenex). Indeed, it is likely that the child would want to go to the toilet, especially if the wait is long before boarding. So, you should anticipate on the fact that they may not have toilet paper in the public toilets that you will use.

Finally, take something to spend time with your children during the trip something like a toy or a coloring book. They are likely to sleep during the journey, but in case it does not happen, you will be able to hold their attention and give yourself, why not, a little respite.

Pay your tickets in advance

Waiting times become very long during school vacation. And your children will easily lose patience and will be less able to stand waiting long in a crowded hall.

Several LOHCE partner transport companies are putting their tickets on sale online at www.lohce.com several days in advance. This gives you plenty of time to prepare your trip and allow you to reduce your waiting time at the agency for several hours.

The www.lohce.com service allows you to pay for your bus tickets online via MTN or Orange Money and no longer line up at the agency.

After paying for your tickets online, go directly at the ticket office and simply collect your departure tickets at the time you have chose online.

We strongly recommend that you purchase your tickets at least 1 day in advance in order to avoid the unavailability of places online.

In case of last minute change! Don′t worry!

Go to www.lohce.com and select the page of the transport company concerned. Click on the “check your trip” button. You can then change your departure date or even cancel your tickets and get your money back.

Special thank to Anny-laure A. AMANG for this english translation !

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