juillet 25, 2020

An exceptional meeting of the LOHCE team

Digital technologies have innovated the vision of the world since their inception. they have affected nearly half of the population of both developing and developing countries in just two decades, disrupting society.

It is in this same vein that ETS LOHCE ( www.lohce.com ) has aligned itself and has renovated the world of employment in Cameroon. We work remotely with extraordinary cohesion.

Exchanges are carried out only through android applications, telephone calls as well as online customer management platforms. WhatsApp is the most used application and everyone works from anywhere in Cameroon’s national territory.

In order to perfect this cohesion, the whole team participated in an almost perfect dinner at the dietetic restaurant D-FIT in Bonamoussadi-Douala.

The organization of this event has remained secret within the team in order to guarantee a surprise effect.

And we can say that the effect was successful. Because a restaurant is classic, but a Diet restaurant in Douala, it was indeed a surprise.

The restaurant room impressed us all with its simplicity and its zen effect, and also with its Pretty color scheme in the decor. Very curious for those who do not know what type of dishes they will find there.

It was the Director herself who was in the kitchen to take us on a journey with the dishes on the menu whose composition we all do not know.

What was even warmer was this physical encounter full of giggles, exchanges and jokes. If we told stranger that this was the first that the people on this table had met, he shouldn’t believe it at all.

We realized at that moment that we had succeeded in working in harmony with people without really knowing them.

We felt everyone’s willingness to give their own for this great adventure offered to us by ETS LOHCE ( www.lohce.com )

Everyone spoke of their experience with this concept in a very positive way and with a lot of motivation.

We could observe a young team proud of what they do and decided to revolutionize online customer service in Cameroon.

This meeting also allowed us to get to know each other physically but also a little intimately.

Everything was allowed at this dinner! No subject was taboo in our private lives. Advice, discussions and listening on the life of each of us were there.

At the end of this dinner, we were all sad that it had been so short

Especially we appreciated against all expectations, the menu that the Director of the place had prepared for us. It was really delicious this meal!

And we promised to do it once again because everyone had gone home full of color and boosted like never before.

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