avril 2, 2020

Our state of mind before a trip when we are a hardworking woman

It is really amazing to see to what extent certain trips (bereavement, holidays, vacation, family, professional) have a significant impact on us. I don’t know if a lot of people notice it but as we approach each of our trips, our nervous system is agitated.

I am a young woman working in a local society and a temporary teacher. I’ll take my case as an example and the most recent trip was when I moved for our annual family reunion in West Cameroon, specifically in Bangoua in the NDE department. I hope that some will recognize each other.

As we approach a journey, several states are part of us:

It’s the fact that as you approach the trip, you don’t know if you should go or not. Nothing depends on you in this case. Did you have permission? Did you find the money? Will you have time to move around without it having an impact on your activities? Etc.

And yes!! you can travel now because you got permission to work. Your activities allow it in any case. You’re really happy to change your mood and be able to fulfill other obligations. And on the financial side everything is O.K

A stress begins and does not let go on the eve of your trip. What causes this is the uncertainty of finishing the job you need to do before you travel or the uncertainty of being able to finish the job you will do before returning home.
In the first case, you have to come home much later from work because you have to try to make the maximum effort so that I am not disturbed during your stay. The second case is a bit special in the sense that nothing depends on you. Much depends on who you go to see and who you are with.

here, the hours and days that pass before my travel date become endless. I spend my nights dreaming about what will happen there, those I will see, what I will do. Anyway, I’m thinking of the holidays!
My things are already ready in advance: two to three clothes since I only leave for the weekend, underwear (the number depends on everyone) and toothbrush (no toothpaste because in the village I usually brush with ash from my grandma’s wood fire). I am very excited about this trip that I can hardly hold in my head.

The total calm that accompanies the trip surprises you enormously. It seems like hitting the road is completely obvious. However, we all know and you will agree with me that getting around Cameroon by bus with the various risks that we are going through is not easy.
About 6000 people are killed each year in road accidents in Cameroon according to the World Health Organization (https://www.afro.who.int/fr/news/performance-du-cameroun-en-matiere-de -safety-road-the-numbers-are-alarming-and-sent).
But there, you are very happy to leave knowing that I will not be disturbed during my stay. I’m just preparing the clothes I’m going to put on you. At the time of the trip, I go to an agency.

And you, Women Workers, How is your preparation before a trip? Is it so complicated in your case or much easier?

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