septembre 3, 2021

Communication on minimum travel time on road axes

« If human life has no price, we always act as if something exceeds human life in value« . Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

You may have already heard in a bus during a trip, injunctions or exclamations such as: « driver we are in a hurry, driver speed up, the driver if driving slowly ».

The purpose behind these different calls is to arrive as quickly as possible, as if we wanted to accelerate the speed of time. But is it better to arrive safe and sound in a reasonable time, than in a bad state after having multiplied the actions whose fatality would only be related to the probability of realization of this risk?

To ask the question from this angle is already to answer it in part. Indeed, the problem in the broadest sense is that of the increase in traffic accidents. Faced with this thorny problem with multifactorial causes, the Cameroonian authorities through the Ministry of Transport have put in place a series of measures. These measures are recorded in the Special Communication of the MINT of 10/08/2021 on the resurgence of traffic accidents (communicated available on this link).

As Lao Tsu said, « A journey of 1,000 kilometers always begins with a step« , it is important to be able to dissect this complex issue of traffic accidents into small, manageable actions. Literally, we need to stand up (LOHCE) and act accordingly. One of the important steps that the Ministry has deemed relevant is the provision of WhatsApp numbers to simplify the reporting of deviant behavior of drivers or other acts that may cause the occurrence of an accident. These numbers are :

620 22 45 29

620 22 45 20

620 21 27 41

In addition, the Ministry has also set a minimum travel time on these roads as follows

Yaoundé-Bafoussam: 5 hours;
Douala-Bafoussam: 6 hours;
Douala-Yaoundé: 5 hours;
Yaoundé-Bertoua: 6 hours.

A bonus is given to night trips, for which the minimum travel time is extended by 2 hours.

It is therefore advisable for everyone to take note of these measures and, as far as possible, to educate people about them, the objective of which is to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents that plunge families into mourning every day.

The improvement of travel conditions is a long term work in which the collective participation is essential.

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