novembre 16, 2019


Every time we travel, we are exhausted in advance by the number of hours we spend sitting.

But we also forget that something primordial exists and makes us forget all the stress of the day: it is the landscape.

what we see through the window of our bus is simply beautiful and esquis: a wild and imposing flora, quiet and noisy streams at once, high mountains and rocks.

The fresh air caresses our faces while our eyes light up when we see everything in our Bus windows.

We feel soothed at once and all our worries seem far away. Everything is calmer in our head!

The South-West road, more precisely when one passes through Buea, the imposing view of Mount Cameroon covered with light clouds at the top, leaves us speechless.

Crossing the city of Limbe, the Ocean is placed in front of us as far as the eye can see.

The entrance of the city of Bamenda to the northwest, offers us a magnificent image of the city which is at the bottom.

And let’s not talk about this luminous game of habitat lighting that greets us when we arrive in the middle of the night.

In view of all this, we see that in reality travel gives us more happiness if we do not take all this extraordinary landscape



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