septembre 8, 2019

Information and good practices in the event of a road accident

In general, this is what happens as a result of a traffic accident involving the bus company in which you are.

In case of accident and injured passengers:

  1. The transport company takes the injured passengers to the nearest clinic or hospital where first aid is given at the expense of the transport company.
  2. Once the first aid is provided, the transport company informs its insurance, which pays the treatment costs of the people affected.
  3. The insurance company of the transport company will need various information before being able to refund the passenger on the medical costs incurred.

It may happen that the passenger does not have certain important information or documents at the time of his interaction with the insurance of the transport company. This will reduce the proper coverage of medical expenses related to the incident. Which is a unfortunate for the passenger!

In this article we will remind you some documents, information and best practices to have during your trip to maximize the chances of a diligent treatment in case of disaster.

In the following we will list the important documents by specifying for each the good practice to have:

An identification piece

Without your identification piece your identification procedure is greatly compromised.

It is for this reason that a piece of identification is required and verified by the transport company at the time of your boarding. In doing so the transport company improves your conditions of care in case of disaster because it will easily confirm your identification.

The most common piece of identification is your National Identity Card (CNI). Other pieces of ID may be accepted such as your driver’s license or your passport. School ID cards serve as identification pieces for school children.


Travel proof

The value of your transport ticket does not stop just to allow you to take a seat on the bus for your trip.

Indeed, the ticket takes the place of proof of transport and allows to easily and quickly prove that you are a passenger of the bus concerned by the disaster. Do not worry to keep it throughout your trip.

The other importance of your ticket is that it carries valuable information on the numbers and addresses of the services of the transport company. So it becomes easy for you to know which number to call when a disaster occurs or just to have various information about the transport company.


Receipts for hospital expenses

Your interaction with the insurance company of the transport company will generally be based on supporting documents.

So in addition to your identification and your ticket, you must require proof of medical expenses that you have personally committed to the hospital while waiting for the insurance of the transport company.


These good practices apply whether you pay for your bus ticket at the ticket office of the transport company or you pay for it online at

We hope that you will not encounter a road accident and that in the event that it arrives, that you are better prepared to face the situation with the insurance of the transport company.

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