janvier 31, 2020

A festive journey

Olala! This festive period always hectic. Everything is noisy and full of joy and love.

In travel agencies, we have a crazy world. Everyone wants to travel to celebrate with their loved ones.

You hear: « I’m going to celebrate with my parents »; « I’m coming home because I can’t wait to see my children »; « I have my fiancé who asked me to come and spend the holidays with him ».

Everyone has a specific reason to travel during this period. Everyone is looking forward to it and wants to arrive in time for the celebration.

No way to be the last to leave!

Once seated in his seat on the bus, the impatience for arrival is at its height.
Through the windows during the trip, you realize that even the climate is at its best. Our thoughts are on the faces of our loved ones.

As the bus advances, in the small villages and towns that we cross, we hear in the roadside boxes cries of joy, laughter and loud music.

We feel this family warmth invade us and envelop us gently.

The refreshments are full of people having a drink with friends or family. We see children united in clans according to their age group chatting.

We wonder what they can say if not talk about their party clothes. Some boast about the stresses made for the occasion.

All this music that comes out everywhere raises your adrenaline and your desire to quickly arrive at his family.

So your trip seems endless but less boring because everything is festive around you!

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